Tracker (Gagan1) – AIS 140 Certified- RTO approved


AIS 140 & ARAI certified GPS tracking Device
SOS emergency button
1P65 Water & Dust proof GPS device
Embedded eSim
ICAT Certified
Analog Input for checking Fuel


Features of GPS Tracker V7( Gagan1 ) – AIS 140 Certified  GPS Device


Features of AIS 140 GPS TRACKER - GAGAN01



  • 4 Digital input, 2 Digital Output, 2 Analog Input
  • Multi Operated Embedded SIM card
  • Professional Commercial SOS
  • 3 IP Support
  • Inbuilt Strong Battery Backup
  • Accelerometer and Grroscope
  • IOT VTS Device
  • AIS 140 Complaint By ARAI
  • GSM/GPRS/GPS/AGPS/Gloness for more Accuracy
  • Air Conditioner On/off Status
  • Built in Power backup battery , power cut alarm
  • Collision alarm sensor, Built in accelaration
  • Analog input for checking fuel
  • Multi Positioning platform, web sms & app
  • ACC Detection Real Time Vehicle ststus checking
  • Audio Listen in SOS, Vibration
  • Remote Cut Power, Anti theft immobilization

Who Need AIS 140 Certified GPS Device?

  • State transport: Intra and Intercity
  • Car and bus taxis
  • Schools, colleges, and institutional transports
  • Travel Buses: Intra and Intercity
  • Rental taxis
  • Self-driven cars


With the increasing traffic on the roads, the government of India has taken the initiative to ensure the safety of the transport system with the most innovative device- AIS 140 GPS. It has all the capacities to be the best in quality, comfort, and sifting and thus it can satisfy the emergency and safety standards. The AIS 140 GPS helps in many ways including easing the congestion on roads, enhancing traffic management, and reducing the environmental impact. The device helps public and commercial users both. To Know more read our Blog on AIS 140 GPS Trackers.


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