MyBuddy Personal Safety Device- SOS & Live Tracking


The MyHero is a new-age solution for an age-old problem, it is your trusted companion in any unforeseen distress situations, getting you the help you need fast & swiftly. The MuHero runs on a patent-pending technology which uses a simple pull mechanism for activation, making it fast & convenient to communicate an emergency to your loved ones. It is a universal solution that can be used across a wide range of scenarios including women safety, senior citizens & even hard hat workers.


MyHeroe’s ultra-portable, non-intrusive design is easy to carry & wear, hang around the neck, clip it on your Carry Bag, carry it in your pocket; the choice is yours. The device connects over Bluetooth with Smartphone (IOS & Android) and uses the power of Smartphone to drive location, audio/video recording and SOS communication to three predefined numbers. User needs to download OptiSafe Mobile app is available for Android and iOS. MyHero needs a companion Smartphone all the time.  It ensures her safety 24×7. Now you are always there to protect her. It uses a pull mechanism for activation and sends audio/video recording, SOS communication to the three predefined numbers.

  • Pull to activate: User can send a distress signal by a simple pulling mechanism
  • Ideal For: Women’s personal safety, Industrial workers, senior citizens, Children
  • Multi-Device Siren: on activating the device in a panic situation, sounds loud distress siren on the device, your smartphone & your predefined contacts’ phone.
  • SOS Message and location: Activating the device also sends an SOS message to 3 pre-defined contacts along with your current location.
  • In-built location tracker: Live location tracker link is sent to contacts, which can navigate them to your location. Device locator: Use the multifunction key to locate the paired smartphone and Mobile App to locate the device.
  • Audio/Video Recording: On activation, the device triggers audio/video recording on your smartphone (12 videos of 15 seconds each)


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